Video games aim to spice up old people’s lives

As baby boomers grow old, twenty percent of the U.S. population is expected to be over age 65 in 2020. Mihai Nadin, a pioneer in the field of computer graphics and a professor at the University of Texas, hopes to keep the boomers active with electronic games.

A 93-year-old resident at an old-age home wears a virtual helmet and touch-sensitive gloves to play tennis against the wall of his bedroom. Nadin is creating more virtual games such as boxing, swimming, and golf for the elderly to play. Nadin believes his new games will keep the baby boomers physically and mentally active.

His research project is focused on designing games and other therapeutic techniques to keep the elderly enticed and physically fit. He believes it is his duty to create these games. He says, “This is not a marketing opportunity but a social responsibility. Games will entice the aging to remain fit and mentally active, to connect with others.”

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